uscis2-The Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) does not accept walk-in inquiries. You must first obtain an appointment by logging in to the USCIS website: and then clicking on “infopass”.

-If you have filed applications with USCIS in the past or have been in removal/exclusion proceedings, always file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to obtain copies of your complete record before submitting any new application(s).

-H-1B visas have the following surcharge fees: Employers with more than 25 employees must pay a $1,500.00 fee in addition to the regular filing fee. (Employers with 25 or less employees pay a reduced $750.00 fee in addition to the regular filing fee).  Also, as of March 2005, there is an additional “Fraud-prevention” fee of $500.00 for new H-1B visa petitions. Certain non-profit employers will continue to be exempt from these new surcharges.